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Hunter HawkEye Elite® Alignment Machine

Higher productivity leads to greater profits


Hunter HawkEye Elite®

hunter hawkeye elite wheel alignment system

The worldwide standard in wheel alignment equipment

Capture alignment measurements in 70 seconds

WinAlign® software is unmatched in the industry

Built-in support for ADAS calibrations and OEM resets

Easy-clamping, no metal-to-metal contact QuickGrip® adaptors

Configurations built for any shop space

Fully Integrated Alignment rack integration streamlines processes

HunterNet® 2 connectivity to see and manage your performance





Fast setup time and results

Get alignment results in 70 seconds

Fastest procedure

Only with a HawkEye Elite® can you perform a 70 second alignment check

Minimal setup time

One trip around the vehicle means faster alignments

Immediate, accurate measurements

Easy-to-understand graphic representation of camber, toe and caster

tech checking alignment angles with hawkeye elit and rx rack



    Send a message to your local Hunter business consultant to schedule a free on-site demo. 


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    Setup in seconds

    Speed setup time with Hunter's patented QuickGrip® adaptors and 3D targets


    Fast installation

    Spring-loaded clamping arms install easily — off-center placement has no affect on accuracy.


    Avoid rim damage

    Clamps hook tires and protective ring provides no metal-to-metal contact.


    Efficient design

    Lightweight, durable and low-profile form make QuickGrip® adaptors a technician-favorite.

    hunter quickgrip adaptor on wheel

    Easy to clamp

    • Spring-loaded arms grip the tire
    • Thumb switch secures the clamp
    • Off-center clamping has no effect on accuracy

    No metal-to-metal contact

    • Grips tire, not rim
    • Protective ring hugs rim

    Lightweight & durable

    • Weighs only 6 lbs. — nearly 50% lighter than previous designs
    • Shop-tough polymer structure withstands drops
    • No electronics, cables or calibration
    • Only occasional cleaning required

    Slim profile

    • Approximately 9-in. profile
    • Easy to work around
    • Great for narrow bays

    Quick Change Arms

    • Accommodate assemblies up to 37 in.
    • One arm fits approximately 90% of applications

    Off-center application

    WinAlign® software calculates actual wheel position regardless of target centering





    See what Hunter alignment equipment can generate for your business

    Invest over the lifetime of your equipment

    Hunter Finance™

    Powered by GreatAmerica Financial Services

    Financing is a great way to lower your upfront cost, and get immediate return on investment. Hunter Financing™ is available in the U.S. and facilitated by GreatAmerica Financial Services.

    • Simpler and faster process than a traditional loan
    • 25+ years financing the automotive industry
    • Knowledgeable about your specific needs 

    Hunter Credit™

    Powered by EasyLease Express™

    Leasing is a great option to lower your upfront cost, and get immediate return on investment. Hunter Credit™ is available in Canada through EasyLease Express™. 

    • Same day approvals
    • Expense your lease payments to lower your taxable income 
    • Industry focused with knowledge about your specific needs





    ADAS Solutions

    Keep ADAS work in your own shop

    Perform static and dynamic ADAS calibrations

    Hunter ADASLink® Full Diagnostic Scan Tool

    • Dynamic (driving) ADAS calibrations
    • Static (fixture) ADAS calibrations with DAS 3000
    • FCA secure gateway compatible
    • Pre- and post-scan ready


    DAS 3000 ADAS Fixture

    • No more plumb bobs and tape measures
    • Guided positioning system with ADASLink®
    • Hunter training and support
    • First year of static calibration software included

    Pre- and Post-Scans

    Connect the Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) to the vehicle's OBD-II port to diagnose and interact with the vehicle.

    Dynamic Calibrations

    Perform dynamic calibrations while driving the vehicle as required.

    Forward-Facing Radar & Camera Calibrations

    Calibrate front radar and camera sensors as they relate to the vehicle's direction of travel.

    Blind Spot & Surround View Calibrations

    Calibrate side and rear sensors that notify the driver of potential hazards outside of their field-of-vision.



    Reset steering angle sensors

    CodeLink®'s patented integration “links” the vehicle OBD-II system to the aligner to align steering angle sensors to the vehicle’s alignment geometry.

    Over 110 million vehicles require resets

    Hunter has supported electronic steering system resets as required by the OEM since 2009. Several vehicle systems use electronic steering system output to determine the vehicle's travel direction.

    Integrated with the aligner

    CodeLink® is wirelessly integrated with Hunter WinAlign® systems with simple instructions shown on aligner screen.



    Online Wheel Alignment Adjustment Guide

    Hunter's well-known and respected 1708-T Alignment Guide is now available to Hunter customers via the HunterNet® 2 portal at no charge. The guide is a staple of point-of-sale counters, serving as the go-to source for service advisors quoting alignment work and ADAS requirements.

    See what else HunterNet® 2 can do for your shop



    Keep ADAS profits, and save time for you and your customers.



    Send a message to your local Hunter business consultant to receive a free pricing quote or product demo.


    This contact form is intended for legitimate Hunter equipment and service inquiries.  All other use is prohibited and will be discarded. See Full Terms of Use




    Unmatched software

    Align accurately the first time using Hunter's award-winning WinAlign® software

    award-techshop-top5tools.png          award-newage-multimedia.png          award-newmedia-invision.png

    Extensive database

    WinAlign® is powered by the most extensive vehicle information database for North America’s 358 million vehicles.

    Vehicle-specific procedures

    Guide your technicians with step-by-step instructions specific to the vehicle being serviced.

    Over 30 years of development

    Constant improvements and support come from the largest R&D department in the undercar industry.


    Perform every alignment with a streamlined procedure. Analyze each job and present the optimal action sequence with the minimum steps required.


    Ensure a straight steering wheel every time without repeated adjustments or using a steering wheel holder.

    Tools & Kits Database

    Save trips back and forth to the tool box by seeing all of the tools and aftermarket correction kits needed for each alignment.

    Virtual View®

    See camber, caster and toe angles in real-time 3-D graphics — used by experts and novices alike.

    Control Arm Movement Monitor®

    Cut adjustment times in half for front-shim, dualcam or dual-slot vehicles by using step-by-step graphics that let you get it right on the first try. Over 60 million vehicles benefit!

    Wheel-Off Adjustment

    Speed up the alignment process by making adjustments with the wheel removed.

    Accessories required



    Suspension Body Dimension Audit

    Quickly screen vehicles to determine alignability and collision repair needs.


    Shim-Select II®

    Eliminate confusing shim charts and tables. Shim-Select II® quickly calculates and displays the template you need for proper shim installation.


    Symmetry Angle Measurements

    Instantly access symmetry angles and setback for your body shop customers.

    Automatic Bushing Calculator®

    Calculate the proper bushing size and position adjustment without wasting time with a zero bushing. Over 10 million light trucks and vans benefit!


    Live Ride Height Adjustment

    Measure and adjust ride height in real-time. Over 20 million vehicles require ride height
    measurement to complete alignment service!


    Adjustment Illustrations

    Photo adjustment illustrations provide real-life photos from the actual vehicle model for easy reference.

    Video Library

    400+ videos and animations cover all aspects of wheel alignment today.




    Having trouble deciding?

    Here are some tips

    We have listed some things to consider when choosing an alignment machine.


    See them here



    Equipment configurations

    Alignment machines built to fit your workspace

    Options for every shop

    Alignment console and sensor combinations to suit every need.

    Sensors fit any space

    Regardless of bay or space constraints, Hunter has a sensor package designed to fit.

    Productive console designs 

    Award-winning WinAlign® software delivers dozens of productivity tools in a console to fit your needs.

    Cabinet-mounted cameras

    Cabinet-mounted configuration is mobile to service multiple alignment bays and provides a manual lift camera adjustment for a wide range of lift heights.

    Movable cameras

    Motorized and manual movable-camera configurations provide a full range of vertical travel for additional lift height.

    Wall- or ceiling-mount cameras

    Wall- and ceiling-mount configurations are perfect when space is at a premium.

    Fixed-column cameras

    Fixed column camera configurations fit most service bay applications.


    Large console

    Maximum storage space and convenient mobility


    Compact console

    Mobile console unit for tighter spaces


    Wall-mounted console

    The most compact configuration — mount to wall or sensor column

    Are you ready to maximize productivity and profitability?



    Alignment lift rack integration

    Streamline the process with Fully Integrated Alignment (FIA)


    Perform alignments faster

    Complete alignments 60% faster with Hunter's synchronized wheel alignment machine and alignment rack.

    FIA is automatic

    Turnplates and slip plates auto-lock, and inflation station automatically inflates tires.

    Eliminate errors

    Automates technician tasks that can be easily forgotten or skipped.

    Hunter RX Rack 1012
    WinAlign® Console
    • Guides the technician through the alignment process
    • Centralized control of entire system
    • Communicate directly with lift to set tire pressure and automatically operate turnplates and slipplates
    Precision Cameras
    • Four high-resolution cameras
    • Measurements are taken automatically once the fourth target is installed
    Auto-locking turnplates & slipplates

    Auto-lock saves time and trips around the vehicle

    PowerSlide® System
    • Slipplates and turnplates automatically lock and unlock at appropriate times
    • No more struggles with turnplate & slipplate pins
    Inflation Station
    • Automatically inflates all four tires simultaneously
    • Automatically records starting and final pressures
    • Hose recoils to keep work area clear



    Your local Hunter service representative can answer questions, help with equipment operation and provide on-site training.

    Purchase genuine Hunter replacement parts online


    This contact form is intended for legitimate Hunter equipment and service inquiries.  All other use is prohibited and will be discarded. See Full Terms of Use




    HunterNet® 2 Portal

    Take control of your equipment, numbers, and profitability


    Equipment intelligence tools help you manage your business and profits in real time

    • Maximize your shop's performance
    • Monitor your equipment ROI
    • Buy genuine Hunter consumables
    • View real-time equipment activity

    Learn more about what HunterNet® 2 does for other Hunter equipment

    hunternet 2 hawkeye elite wheel alignment integration

    Recall past results

    View previously serviced vehicles and recall printouts.

    Track revenue

    Track your profits and potential amount if all needed services were sold.

    Monitor your ROI

    See your equipment payback in real time.

    Easy consumable ordering

    Replenish genuine Hunter consumable parts at your convenience.

    View your performance

    Set goals and see how your business performs day-to-day.

    Receive daily reports

    Setup to receive daily Push Reports to keep your goals and performance in check.

    Lookup ADAS vehicle coverage

    View up-to-date dynamic (ADASLink®) and static (DAS3000) coverage from anywhere online.



    Interested in calculating your payback?

    Customer results

    Communicate results & educate your customers on misalignment


    Communicate results and maintain customer data

    • Save & recall vehicle results
    • Allow customers to view results online
    • Provide results to other business to validate warranties or insurance claims


    Eliminate confusing technical conversations

    • Show easy-to-understand videos, illustrations and images
    • Help your customer make informed decisions
    • Solidify trust with your customers


    Access vehicle-specific undercar information in the alignment bay

    Increase technician productivity with vehicle information at their fingertips

    • Explore a vast collection of vehicle-specific undercar information
    • Eliminate time-consuming manual searches with our online database of advanced sensor reset requirements
    • See how-to's and instructions featuring illustrations, images and videos



    Send a message to your local Hunter business consultant to schedule a free on-site demo. 


    This contact form is intended for legitimate Hunter equipment and service inquiries.  All other use is prohibited and will be discarded. See Full Terms of Use




    See how other shops have increased productivity

    Equip your shop to perform more alignments in less time. 



    Your local Hunter trainer is ASE-certified to help you learn and excel trough in-depth classes with appliable hands-on training.


    This contact form is intended for legitimate Hunter equipment and service inquiries.  All other use is prohibited and will be discarded. See Full Terms of Use




    Hunter's 3-Year Warranty

    We stand beside our equipment and your purchase.


    Hunter Engineering Company warrants new equipment replacement parts for three years and labor for six months.

    See full warranty details here.

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